Roofers Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation For Roofers, Roofing Companies & Height Exposed Independent Contractors

Workers Compensation Insurance

As a roofer you know there is always the possibility of employees getting injured on the job every day. Workers Compensation Insurance provides benefits to employees that are injured on the job or gain an illness while working. We understand it is important to your company and your employees that get back to work quickly and healthy. RoofersLiability.com has the Workers Comp resources to make sure that your company is always moving forward.

RoofersLiability.com works with Roofing Companies, like yours, every day to identify your needs and provide you solutions and programs to address those issues. Workers Compensation is an important part of your company’s function, put your trust in someone that understands your business and has the resources to get you the best coverage at an affordable price.


Do You Need Workers Comp?

Most states require that you have the right Workers Compensation Insurance if you have more than 1 employee. Some states require Workers Comp for roofers even if you, as the owner, is the only employee. It is important to speak to a certified agent to determine your states Workers Comp requirements.

What Does Workers Compensation Cover?

  • All medical benefits necessary in order to heal the injury or cure the acquired illness.
  • Up to 2/3rds of the lost wages
  • Permanent disability if it is found that the employee is unable to return to work.
  • The employee can receive vocational rehabilitation costs paid for. This would allow the employee to learn a new skill in order to return to work.
  • The dependents of the employee are able to receive benefits in case of death.

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